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March 2016
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March 2016
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reviewed: ED 411-I Just Forgot
Little Critter keeps meaning to remember to do the chores his mom wants him to do but he just seems to keep forgetting to do ...
I Just Forgot - Mercer Mayer
reviewed: ED 411-I Was So Mad
Nothing seems to be going right for Little Critter and he can't help but be a little mad about it. In the end he forgets all ...
I Was So Mad (Little Critter) (Look-Look) by Mercer Mayer (2000-11-01) Paperback - Mercer Mayer
reviewed: ED 411-All By Myself
Little Critter wants to show off everything he can do by himself. However, he cannot do things as well as he seems to think. ...
All by Myself - Mercer Mayer
reviewed: ED 411-Just For You
Little Critter wants to show his mother just how much she means to him. For his mother this means a big mess. I would impleme...
Just for You (Little Critter) - Mercer Mayer
reviewed: ED 411-Wemberly Worried
Wemberly worries about everything. Then she worries some more. When Wemberly starts school, she is more worried than she has ...
Wemberly Worried - Kevin Henkes
reviewed: ED 411-Owen
Everyone around him wants Owen to grow up. Owen is not ready to let go of his beloved blanket,Fuzzy, yet. In this story the c...
Owen (Caldecott Honor Book) - Kevin Henkes
reviewed: ED 411-Shelia Rae, The Brave
Louise wishes she was brave like her big sister, Shelia Rae. When Shelia Rae gets lost on an adventure, Louise learns to face...
Sheila Rae, the Brave - Kevin Henkes
reviewed: ED 411-Lilly's Big Day
Lilly is convinced that she will make the very best flower girl but the job goes to someone else. Lilly is heartbroken. When ...
Lilly's Big Day - Kevin Henkes
reviewed: ED 411-Chester's Way
Chester likes things to be done a certain way, his way. He does not like change. That is, until Lilly moves in. Chester learn...
Chester's Way - Kevin Henkes
reviewed: ED 411-Chrysanthemum
This is a wonderful book about self-confidence. In this story Chrysanthemum must learn that being different is not a bad thin...
Chrysanthemum - Kevin Henkes
reviewed: ED 411-Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
This is a great book. In this story Lilly does something really mean to her teacher and regrets it. She has to learn how to s...
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse - Kevin Henkes
reviewed: ED 411-Yertle the Turtle
This is a Seuss tell about a greedy turtle who is hungry for power. Yertle believes that everything he sees belongs to him an...
Yertle the Turtle and Gertrude McFuzz - Dr. Seuss
reviewed: ED 411-A Crazy Day at the Critter Cafe
In the book the quiet Critter Cafe suddenly becomes a loud crazy zoo when a broken down bus brings in a lot of hungry animal ...
A Crazy Day at the Critter Café - Barbara Odanaka, Lee White